Reading for happy mamas #2 – 10 Oct 2015

Happy weekend! Compared to last week (see exhibit A) this week has been pretty great. The highlight was tagging along with a local walking group. We were the only mum+baby pair so I was worried about keeping the group back but everyone was so welcoming. Baby boy loved all the dogs that joined our walk and I loved being outside.

Here are my favourite links from the week…

Advice from the heart:

Tough choosing a favourite this week! If pressed, I guess it was the sensory play date fail. A must-read for any mum who hates Pinterest and crafts…

Parenting stuff:

Worried about how much your baby sleeps? New research shows that sleep duration does NOT affect childhood outcomes like obesity, mental health etc. Who knew our children were individuals with different sleep needs, right?!

Toddlers have an instinct for fairness and generosity So they’re not little monsters after all, as long as the toy in question is communal rather than MINE!

Little events, big moments Beautiful post about family rituals when you have no religion to fall back on

Random stuff:

30 things you can do at the playground How to have more fun at the playground than your kid AND get some natural movement to boot (although people round here would probably stare if I tried to climb up the slide…)

Blog of the week:

Puredoxyk’s Transcendental Logic The coolest person I follow. Seriously. She has devised her own nap-based minimal sleep schedule, knows martial arts, plays underwater hockey and is a philosopher by training. Plus, she puts Terry Pratchett references in her posts…


What was your favourite read of the week? Please share in the comments!

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