Reading for happy mamas #6

Hello, hello, hello, how’s everyone been this week? Life has been super busy and I have some exciting new things planned for the blog, which is why the writing part has slipped to the wayside. At least I’ve found time to clobber together a list of my favourite reads from the last two weeks. Here goes:

Parenting stuff:

Insightful words on being a working mum by Mayim Bialik

Beautiful real-life breastfeeding photos

How to really and truly get your baby to sleep through the night

Random stuff:

Intelligence in the flesh Turns out the Matrix was wrong: we can’t think without our bodies.

Blog of the week:

Query Shark Random, I know, because this is a blog for aspiring authors writing query letters for agents and publishers. It’s actually quite fascinating to see how much work goes into writing a good query – and there you thought getting 40,000 words on paper was the hard bit!


What was your favourite read of the week? Please share in the comments!

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