Guest Post: 6 Ways I’m Going to Love my Body by Kat

Nobody is as fervent as a recent convert, right?

I quit dieting for good about a year ago and yes, I want everyone to know about it. I want to sing it from the roof, tell the lady on the bus and mention it at dinner parties. For me, learning about the true failure rate of any diet plan, exercise regime or lifestyle change was liberating. I can remember the rush of excitement when I allowed myself to enjoy my “forbidden foods” for the first time. It was like everything clicked into place and, although there is still a lot of work to do, I’ve never been happier in and with my body.

I started Body Positive January as a way to shout from the roofs without blaring into the ears of my friends and family. I also wanted to include a wide range of guest posts because I understood that what works for me, might not work for you. Kat’s post on 6 Ways to Love her Body in 2016, has reminded me again that there are many many paths to body acceptance:

Early this year I spoke about how I haven’t set myself any specific New Years resolutions for 2016. This year it’s more about planning, setting things up for success and sending positive vibes to the universe to help me on my way.

Rather than set a I want to lose X amount of weight by X time (which has featured in a lot of past resolutions) I had a long hard think about what I need to put in place to really start loving my body. I know I have weight to lose still and I am determined to do so, but I know I also need to start accepting I am a mum. I’ve carried a child in the body of mine for 9 months and it’s time to learn to accept myself a little more and focus on being healthy and having a healthy body image.

Here’s how I’m going to try and love my body more this year…

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kat eat love liveMore about Kat:

Kat started Eat.Love.Live London just short of a year ago. She was coming out of her newborn bubble and sleep deprived state and had a desire to connect more with other mums and use parts of her brain that had been shelved for a long time. Kat writes about whatever’s going on in her life which includes mummy ramblings, baby fashion, recipes, product and restaurant reviews, DIY, travel, party planning and more! Originally from Melbourne, Kat took a trip to London for what was meant to be a 6 month working holiday. She never went home and 6 years on she’s married with a gorgeous toddler living in the outskirts of London.

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