8 Foods You should Avoid Feeding Your Baby

For the proper growth of your baby it’s really necessary to put newer foods in the diet list at the appropriate stage. While selecting food, most of the mother face a common problem that which food should give them and which shouldn’t. Obviously, you don’t want to see your children sick. Since, all the foods are not safe for children’s body, you must be careful about food selection. So, let’s have a look on these checklist to avoid giving unsafe foods to your infant. It’ll help you to keep your child safe and healthy as well.

Undercooked or raw food

You may like to eat runny eggs and rare steak but don’t do this mistake giving undercooked or raw food to your baby. However, infants are basically prone to salmonella. That’s why you should never give them any types of undercooked food though it’s tasty. Their stomach is not strong enough to digest these types food.

Avoid Honey

Avoid Honey

Though honey is the oldest natural sweetener it is not safe to feed baby under 1 year. It contains Clostridium botulinum bacteria’s spores that is harmless to adults, but can cause dehydration, pneumonia and poor appetite in child. So, you must have to wait to serve honey until your little one celebrates his first birthday. After 1 year give him this delicious food without any hesitation. It’s basically a healthy natural ingredients.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits those are enriched with Vitamin C, potassium and sodium are really harmful for your baby. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes etc. are highly acidic and it is not suitable for your baby’s stomach. It can create digestive problem as well as other stomach related problem. So, you shouldn’t give these types of fruit to your infants until they turned 1 year.

Cow Milk

It seems to be natural that babies shouldn’t any problem in milk feeding. But you must keep your little one away from cow’s milk or whole milk for the first year and stick to breastfeeding. Well, cow’s milk is full of different proteins and minerals that is not suitable for new born babies. But it can cause diarrhea and other internal problems.

Raw Salt

Babies need a very little amount of salt in their food that is less than 1 gram. And they easily get it from breastfeeding and formula. Children’s kidneys are very sensitive and cannot cope up with high amount of sodium. If you sometime want to feed him the food you are eating then, before seasoning keep a separate cooked portion for him. But you must need to mash it up before feeding. Again remember one thing that, any types of processed foods that are not for babies are enriched with sodium. So, this should be avoided to keep your child healthy.

High-Mercury Fish

Though eating fishes is great for your skin, hair and heart, but not for your infant. You must need to avoid feeding them fishes that are enrich with mercury like swordfish, shark, fresh tuna, shellfish, crab, king mackerel etc. But you can give salmon, shrimp, trout, tilapia, canned tuna etc. to them that are safe for their health and body.

Dark Chocolate

Image source: Dark Chocolate

Any baby would love to have a bite of dark chocolate because they are innocent and don’t know the bad side of a delicious chocolate. Dark chocolates are enriched with caffeine that is not good at all for an infant. Again the dairy used in it can also have adverse effect on your little one’s health. So, must avoid giving children chocolates.

Raw Carrot and Grapes

Raw grapes and carrots can be a serious choking hazard to your child. It doesn’t melt down in the mouth and need back teeth to chew it properly. And babies don’t have strong teeth so there is a chance of stuck it in the throat that is a very dangerous thing. So, avoid these types of fruits and vegetables.

Make your babies diet list wisely since all the foods are not appropriate for them. Medical experts recommend that when you will add new food in the list give it a trial for 4 days and observe that if any adverse effect happens or not. If it goes well with his stomach, then you can continue it. Otherwise, avoid it until he is grown up.

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