How to Bathe a Newborn Baby at Home

First bath of a baby is important to every parents. How to bathe, where to bathe, which products should use, how long it should be – all these questions are very common among new parents. However, rather than all these things you must need to be extra careful when bathing your newborn infant. But you should know some general techniques on newborn baby bath to make the task quite handy.

How Often Do Babies Need Baths?

Basically, newborn infants don’t need to bathe as often as 1 year or older babies need. For them bathing once or twice a week in enough but the older your baby gets the more often they will need to bath. When he’ll become a toddler you may need to bath him every day, as they will play outside then. Make sure that newborn babies diaper area remains clean all the time and wash his face and hands few times a day. Since babies are most likely to lick their hands and feet, always keep these areas clean.

Go for Sponge Bath: For the so newborn babies sponge bath is the best option. They are so tiny to give them shower bath. And again it’s not wise to give them full shower bath until their umbilical cord is fallen off. So, take a piece of clean warm and damp cloth and wash his whole body thoroughly. Clean face and hands frequently to wash all the dirt. Again washing genital area properly is very important because different types of bacteria can attack your beloved one.

Bathing in Bath Tub: After 1 year you can bath your baby in the bathtub in a gap of 2-3 days. For making the task easier you can use kitchen sink or small bay bathtub. Choose a contour designed tub that has an internal sling. It’ll prevent your baby from sliding since their body is so smooth. Fill the tub or sink with warm water then bath your infant carefully. And never leave him alone in the tub. If the door bells or phone rings take him with you. There is a chance of drowning even in 2-3 inches of water. So, be careful about this thing.

Use Tear Free Products: Babies skin is too soft and they don’t need much soap because their skin dries off too quickly. Still you need to use a little amount of soap to wash their most sensitive parts of the body and in the hair. So, there is chance to get it into their eyes or mouth. You must choose products that are only made for infants. There are lots of brands out there that made baby products that are tear free and also free from other harmful chemicals.

Water Temperature Factor: Basically, little child doesn’t need much water for bath. But in terms of temperature you should be careful because their skin is too sensitive and the water you feel toasty warm, your baby may feel too hot. Ad it’ll fell an adverse effect on his mind about bathing. So, water temperature between 90-110 degree Fahrenheit is always fine. And before putting your baby into warm water check it properly by drowning your wrist.

Finally, don’t be afraid if your little one starts crying during bath because it is nothing but the reaction to an unknown sensation. Just sing or talk to him and make him feel comfortable in water. Make sure water is in a comfortable temperature. And in a few days he’ll adapt with water and will start to love bathing. Bath your baby following these tips and hopefully you will not face any difficulty.


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