How to Make Your Toddler Get Used to Big Bed

Moving to bed from crib is a big challenge for your toddler. And there is no fixed time to make this transition. Most of the parents do it when kids become 2-3 years old. Again, an important thing is when they learn to climb up the crib it’s mandatory for you to move him in a big bed. Otherwise, there remains a chance of accident by falling from the crib. But when you make this transition toddlers often face different problems like ghost fear, nightmare, insecurities etc. that fell effects on their sleep. So, it’s better to follow some tips to make your little one get used to big bed.

Read Books Related to Sleeping on Bed

Before putting them on a new big bed alone read pictures books in front him on the topic of sleeping on a bed. Whenever you get time read it so that your child becomes aware of it and don’t suffer from frustration when you make the transition. You can also show him the pictures and read with him to make him realize the matter.

Let him choose his own bedding

It’s really a good idea to give the opportunity to your toddler to choose his own beddings. It’ll make him feel comfortable sleeping on it if he gets his favorite one. So, take your little one with you when you’ll go for purchasing his new big bed. Praise and motivate him for choosing a good one. And never give him anything without his likings or consent. If he doesn’t like the bed then how will he spend his whole night on it!

Give him Company in Case of Fear

Fear is a very common problem for children when they move to a new bed. They face different nightmares and feel that there is monster under their bed. In such cases, go to their room and give them company. Check under the bed and tell that there is no monster there. If needed turn the light on whole night and stay with him until he sleeps again. Doing so, in a few days your toddler will get used to sleep on a big bed.

Don’t Change their Sleeping Routine

Never do this mistake by changing their sleep schedule. Keep the time, as it was when they were in the crib. If you change their sleep routine then it’ll fell a great effect on their sleep and they’ll not be able to get used to big bed. So, let them sleep as they do it before moving to a bed.

Keep his Favorite Objects in the Bed

If your kid is habitual to sleep with some certain favorite toys or dolls with him in the crib then keep them around him on the bed also. It’ll make him feeling more comfortable because these things are familiar to him. Doing this will not make him feel any insecurity or other fears. And amazingly when kids feel alone they talk to their toys. So, don’t forget to keep his favorite toys with him.

Place the Bed in the Same Spot of Crib

It is an advise from us that if possible keep the bed in the same place where you kept the crib earlier. It’ll help him to feel the change less and he will get used to sleep on the bed more quickly. But it needs to in the exact position in the room as the crib.

Finally, it is not actually possible for kids to make the habit to sleep on a new bed overnight. But if you can follow the above-mentioned tips properly then it’ll help him to get used to bed more quickly.