Signs that Your Baby is Ready for Eating Solid Food

There is no alternative of breast milk for babies because it is the main source of getting nutrition. Pediatricians always recommend feeding breast milk to babies until they turn 1 year old. But you can introduce solid foods after 4-6 months. However, you can’t just feed them solids when they cross 6 months. Well, there are some certain things you must consider before introducing solids to your little angel.

Baby can sit without any Support

The first and foremost thing you have to notice that your baby can upright without any support or not. If he can’t yet sir properly then it would not be wise to feed him solids because he’ll not be able to digest it properly. You can test it by sitting him on an infant sitting chair or highchair. And if you see that he is able to sit all alone then may be its time for you to introduce solid foods.

Want to chew things

Little babies have a habit of licking hands or fingers but when you will notice that he wants to chew things like his hands or your fingers, then you can assume that he is ready for having solids. It’s really very important to learn chewing because he’ll not be able to eat solids if he doesn’t know to chew. Otherwise, there remains a huge probability of choking foods. For little babies it can be a very dangerous thing. So, always be careful when giving him solids.

Doesn’t Push Solids Out of Mouth

There is a habit of little baby to push solids out of their mouth when they are not ready and don’t want to eat those foods. So, you have check it first by pouring cereal or any other solid foods into your baby’s mouth that he is chewing it or pushing it out of mouth. If you see that he doesn’t throwing food out then you’ll be able to get that he is ready for solids.

Can Hold his Head Up

Another issue is that your bay must need to uphold his head properly. Though he is 6 month old if his head is not strong enough then you have to continue liquid foods. At one stage you’ll notice that he can hold his head up and his neck becomes strong. After that you can easily feed him any types of solids that are suitable for 6 months old babies. Keeping head in upright position is necessary to eat the food properly. Otherwise, here also remains the choking problem.

Should have a Healthy Weight

The last factor you have to consider is his weight. If he is 4-6 months old and his weight has become doubled than he was at the time of his birth then he is ready. Actually, babies need to have healthy weight and at least 13 pounds to digest solid foods. So, check your little angel has gained 13 pounds or not before thinking of giving solids.

Lastly, you can’t simply introduce solids to little babies whenever you want. You must need to maintain these things. Otherwise, they will face different problems. Since babies are sensitive you need to extra caring to them.