About Me

I’m Julie, 30-year old mum to a baby boy, translator, writer and wife. After nearly 5 years in Brazil, our little family has just moved back to Europe.

I have a terrible habit of over-reading and over-researching. Throughout my pregnancy and beyond I inhaled all sorts of information on parenting ideas both quirky and mainstream – this blog is where I get to share the fruits of my labour with the wider world.

I hope you enjoy some of the things I’ve written about. Please leave a comment if you like but remember that this is a judgement-free site. Any mummy, momma, mother or mommy from anywhere in the the world is welcome, whether she breastfeeds, bottle-feeds, owns fifteen strollers or only uses organic cotton. The motto is, a happy baby equals a happy mama and vice versa, so let’s just share our ideas without guilt or stress.

You can also find me on TwitterInstagram and, grudgingly, Facebook. Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions: